Our Products

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (OVCO) – It is produced through fresh dry method by extracting from only fresh and natural mature kernel of coconut and is processed under strict hygienic conditions set by internationally accepted food safety & quality standards. State of the art manufacturing equipments were used to retain its freshness and distinct coconut taste and odor. No chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors are added thus ensuring the organic and natural character of our product.

Available in:

1. Barrel = a drum of VCO equipment with 190 kilos of organic VCO. The drum is a green Metal/steel, ovencooked food grade and closed lid type. Best for industrial usage.

2. Organic Desiccated-grated, white and dried coconut meat carefully selected from organic certified coconut farms. Packed in 1 kilo or half kilo food grade plastic to maintain its freshness.

3. Organic Coco Cake – by product of VCO production best in the manufacturing of animal feeds and other farms uses. Available by kilo.

Health Facts

Coconut oil has Lauric Acid, one of the most redeeming qualities of extra virgin coconut oil. Lauric Acid is a nutritious, antibacterial chain of fats that is also found in breast milk for its immune boosting properties. Both coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil are part of a healthy, balanced diet which involves a moderate intake of saturated fats.

Saturated fats, as opposed to Hydrogenated soybean oil, and unsaturated fats, help to boost thyroid function, and used in moderation, can even help weight loss efforts. Here are some of the main health benefits of coconut oil:

  • Weight Loss
  • To fight against viruses such as the flu
  • As a vitamin E substitute
  • Cancer Preventative
  • Skin and hair Radiance Supplement
  • Balance Cholesterol Levels
  • Energy and thyroid Booster
  • Immune booster
  • Liver disease preventative

Organic virgin coconut oil also helps in the absorption of calcium, which makes it ideal for bone health and Osteoporosis. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer for healthy, shiny hair and roots, and also as a salve for skin ailments of all types, including wrinkles, dry skin, and premature aging.